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Yokohama Rooster
Yokohama Rooster

When we started this blog, the idea was to record our adventures in chicken farming. Our mission: to help anyone new to being a backyard chicken farmer while providing fun reading to those who love chickens.

As our blog grew, The Backyard Chicken Farmer became more than information about raising chickens in urban surroundings. It grew to include a simpler way of living and working toward a healthier, more satisfying, and self-sufficient way of life.

We’ll never be totally self-sufficient and living off grid, but we have the simplest life possible. By making small changes, a little at a time, we are moving closer to our goal.

My Space is Too Small

I am always surprised by how many people tell us “My space is too small to raise chickens.” It is surprising how little space chickens take. For a small backyard, you only need 3 or 4 laying hens to give your family a good weekly supply of fresh eggs.

Be sure to check your local ordinances before investing in chickens and supplies. Not all cities allow chickens, so check before buying.

The Emotional Side of a Backyard Chicken Farmer

When deciding to become a backyard chicken farmer, consider the emotional side of raising chickens. I discuss this topic in a couple of posts and it is something to think about. Chickens have 5 years of productive egg laying, after that, you have to decide about thinning your flock for new laying hens, or continuing to care for them as pets for the next 3-5 years.

What You Will Find Here

  • Everything about raising chickens from choosing breeds to, building a coop, what to feed them, and enjoying the rewards.
  • Recipes using, what else; eggs and chicken meat.
  • Gardening ideas, tips, and tricks.
  • Canning, freezing, and different methods of preserving food.
  • Storage ideas in the kitchen, around the house, and outside the house.

As we continue to grow this site, this list may grow as well. With the spiraling cost of living, we search for ways to become more efficient and will add those discoveries here.

So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and join us on our journey to a more natural lifestyle, simpler and less dependent on the mass-produced.

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Backyard Chicken Farming In Small Spaces

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