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It’s only fair to share…  Sometimes I am at a loss for what to post for my readers. Do they want more information on laying hens, Building a chicken coop, or how to raise meat chickens. So with all these possible article ideas running around in my head, you have to wonder, “What’s a backyard […]

PredatorPee Giveaway

chicken predator protection

It’s only fair to share… We’ve teamed up with PredatorPee to give one of our lucky readers a free PredatorPee package. For those not familiar with PredatorPee, it’s an all-natural, organic repellent and pest control. You can learn more about their great products here . PredatorPee mimics the natural territory markings of predators in the […]

Heritage Chicken Breeds


It’s only fair to share…Heritage Chicken Breeds History Chickens and their eggs are a main part of the American diet. Since making their first appearance with Spanish explorers we’ve seen breeds developed specifically for enhanced meat and egg production. In 1873, the American Poultry Association published chicken breeds defined by the Standard of Perfection. The […]

How to Roast a Chicken – The Better Way

How to Roast a Chicken thebackyardchickenfarmer.com

It’s only fair to share… Roast a Chicken – The Better Way The Backyard Chicken Farmer Recipe Corner wouldn’t be complete without instructions for how to roast a chicken the better way. Or what I consider the better way. I learned how to roast chicken from my grandmother, who lived most of her life on my grandfather’s chicken farm. This […]