Building a Chicken Coop – The Ultimate Guide

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Build a Chicken Coop ebookBuilding a Chicken Coop

When deciding to be a backyard chicken farmer, an important consideration is the chicken coop or henhouse. Not only do you need a large, well secured pen, you need secure housing as well. Your henhouse should protect your flock from the weather and predators.

You can find ready-made chicken coops at area farm and hardware stores. Or, you can buy your Chicken Villa online. You will find them in various sizes and styles with prices ranging from $500 to over $5,000.

Personally, I prefer building a chicken coop over the cost of ready-made coops. You can build for a fraction of the price and usually, it only takes 2-3 days to finish. As long as you use cedar for the floor, pine wood, new or used will work.

Building your own henhouse has several benefits:

  • It costs less than prebuilt.
  • You can take several ideas from various henhouses and give it your own, unique style.
  • A house you build will have everything you need without having to add extras to a ready-made coop.
  • You’re not confined to predetermined sizes and can build according to the size and shape of your property.
  • You have peace of mind, knowing you have a securely built henhouse.
    Involving the whole family is a fun learning experience.

The most important tool, if building your own, is a good set of plans. I never recommend “anything” unless I’ve tried it myself, and “Building A Chicken Coop” by Bill Keene, is a good instructional book.

A former poultry farmer, Bill Keene not only tells you how to build your coop, he also shares his knowledge of raising chickens in this information packed eBook offered in PDF format. I have a portable coop made from Bill’s plans, and I call it my organic fertilizer spreader. We made this coop from used lumber from an old barn.

Portable Chicken Coop

Besides building the coop, you will learn where to place it, add proper ventilation and what materials to use.

Included with your book:

  • Complete building plans for 3 different coop sizes; a large, double story house, holding up to 10 chickens, midsize, housing for up to 4 chickens, and a small portable coop.
  • 4 bonus guides:
    1. The Cheapest Materials To Build Your Coop Out Of
    2. The Best Materials For The Ground
    3. How to Build Nesting Boxes For Free Out of Common Material
    4. Where to Best Position Your Chicken Coop
  • A 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee
  • Immediate access to all materials

The 4 bonus guides alone, are worth the cost of the book and contain a wealth of hard to find information. Even with no woodworking experience, you can complete one of these easy to follow coop plans.

All 3 coop styles have detailed 3D pictures of each step, clear and precise instructions and complete material list, showing the lumber sizes in both feet and inches measurements and meters.

I suggest only using this book for building your chicken coop, not for the other information it contains.

We raise all our livestock as organically as possible, without antibiotics, steroids etc. Our concern is having a good supply of meat and eggs coming from animals free of chemicals. This book suggests using medications and does not support raising chickens without these harmful drugs; which is contradictory to raising organic and healthy food.

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Nancy is a freelance author and editor, living on a small acreage in rural Oklahoma with her husband, several cats, and a nice size flock of chickens. Both share a passion for the homesteading lifestyle and the basics of simple living, from raising chickens to canning and preserving foods.

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